Littlehalo Art

Pointillism Portraits

I'm not gonna lie, the process of making portraits in this particular style is A LOT of work. The end result though, wow. Always amazing and so so worth getting.
These portraits are basically dots, thousands and thousands of dots.
When you look at them close up it may look like randomly placed dots, but then when you see them from afar, AMAZEBALLS.

Feelin' the need to own a portrait like this? Here's how you do it:

🌸 Choose from either A4 or A3 paper size

🌸 Send me a message via the contact form at the bottom of the page

🌸 Wait for a reply and then follow my directions. From there on, you will be good to go!

Price: 995 DKK pr. face*

In order to achieve the best possible result, please find reference pictures with the best possible resolution, as I am not a magician :)
All portraits will be drawn(dotted) on good quality paper with ink fineliners from Japan, and finished off with Fixative to make sure it won't fade.

*if you need more than two faces on one piece of artwork, you will get a discount.

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