Littlehalo Art

Monochromatic Portraits

This is a classic portrait style - with a twist! The twist begin that in stead of working with normal black/gray pencils and leads, these will be made in any colour you'd like! I limit myself to only one colour though, hence the "monochromatic".

Doing portraits in colours add more depth and life to the end result, and as an added bonus, you can have it made in the recipients(or your) favorite colour!

Gotta have one? Here's how you do it:

🌸 Figure out what size you'd like. I offer A5, A4 and A3 sizes for these portraits.

🌸 Choose a colour paper you'd like your portrait done in. I offer white and sand coloured paper.

🌸 Send me a message via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

🌸 Wait for a reply and then follow my directions. From there on, you will be good to go!

A5: 495 DKK
A4: 595 DKK
A3: 695 DKK

All prices are per face*

In order to achieve the best possible result, please find reference pictures with the best possible resolution, as I am not a magician :)

All portraits will be drawn on good quality paper with Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils, and finished off with Fixative to make sure it won't fade or smudge.

*if you need more than two faces on one piece of artwork, you will get a discount.

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