Littlehalo Art


It me.

Hi there!

Welcome to my little shop!

If you hadn’t figured it out already, that’s me in the picture.
I am the artsy fartsy force behind this little business, which is based in a small town called Køge in Denmark.

My everyday life is all about my art and teaching creativity to anyone who might want it. My studio is located in Køge at a special and magical place called Kreativt Fitnesscenter. Here I do my everyday work and teaching, which you can read a lot more about here.

The main drive behind the art and stuff I make stems from Japanese pop culture, their history/lore and general aesthetic, and all things magical and pastel coloured. This sometimes makes for a mixed bag of art, but a unique one none the less.
So as you’ll probably figure out from browsing my shop, I can’t really limit myself to one particuliar thing, which is why you’ll be able to find A LOT of different products here.

You might sit and wonder "why LittleHalo Art" or "why not just go by your own name?"
Well, the main reason for this is that I like to remain in the background and let my art be the main focus. I feel this is best achieved - at least for me, when I work under a name that not only is not that common, but also a little weird, as to better describe the work I do. And of course, if a slightly uncommon artist name makes it easier to remember me, then it's a win win situation!

I hope you'll enjoy the pieces you buy from me, as much as I enjoy making them. ❤️

Michelle/LittleHalo Art

(notice how my hair blends perfectly with my shop aesthetic? I know, I love it too.)